Learn how we provide safe web browsing with our URL Filtering service

  • Reduce the risk of infection from dangerous websites and protect users and data from malware and credential-phishing pages.
  • Protection across the attack lifecycle through integration with WildFire and the Security Operating Platform.
  • Keep protections synchronized with the latest threat intelligence through our cloud-based URL categorization for phishing, malware and undesired content.
  • Full visibility and threat inspection into normally opaque web traffic through granular control over SSL decryption.

White paper


Für die Implementierung sind nur fünf Schritte erforderlich. In diesem Whitepaper beschreiben wir diese Schritte im Detail und erläutern, wie die integrierte Plattform von Palo Alto Networks in jeder Phase den notwendigen Schutz für Ihre kritischen Ressourcen bietet.

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